Bing ads VS Google ads

If you're trying to find an answer to the question of which of these two platforms is better in 2023, you're in the perfect place - we're bringing useful information that'll help you to make the right choice for your online business and company.

Bing ads VS Google ads

The value of online marketing is huge in literally every online business, so professionals are always trying to find better ways that will bring fortune and success.

Did you know that different companies worldwide spend more than $250 billion just on advertising, or better said, on digital ads? And yes, most of that money is actually spent on two platforms we'll talk about today - Google and Bing.

PPC platforms with the same goal

Bing and Google help businesses get more traffic, reach more customers, and in the end make their revenue bigger. But, it's not the goal we'll talk about here, but the differences that include costs, different functionalities Bing and Google offer, as well as metrics.

The first difference we see when we try to compare advertising on Google and on Bing is that Google reaches 76% of the market share, while Bing only has less than 5%.

Another amazing difference is people who are consuming ads. For Google, there is a younger targeted audience and users, and we can see diversity between them. When it comes to Bing, demographics represent older, usually retired, but definitely married people. So, we see a difference in generations here. There's a generational gap probably between baby boomers and millennials, also gen-x and z.

Targeting - audience, content, and account-based

Here's the second biggest difference between advertising on Google and Bing. Google is audience and content based, while Bing is account-based. Let's see what CPC numbers show.

On Google, the average CPC is between $1 and $2, while on Bing it's approximately $1.5 Okay, this is not a big difference. Yet, there's a difference in click-through rate, where Google has 1.91% in the search network and 0.35% in the display network. For Bing, data shows that its click-through rate is much higher, 2.83% on average.

The conversation rate is still bigger with Google, counting 3.75% on average, while for Bing the number goes around 2.94%.

Bing's ads display higher than Google's

How is this possible? And while their keyword strategy is almost the same, statistics show that Bing ads bring 35% higher results. On the other hand, we also found out that Bing covers almost the same percentage of all desktop-based search engine space. We can probably connect this to the user group that is into Bing. Younger generations are usually on their smartphones and tablets, while older generations and people in general still tend to use desktop computers more while searching online.

Besides that, it's said that it's not only about age, but Bing users also have higher incomes and better financial status.

Google ads - Search Network and Display

Reaching broader audiences with Google ads is possible due to Search Network and Display forms of advertising. For example, just Display advertising can help businesses reach even up to 90% of potential users. Search Network is powerful as well. The information that it owns more than 75% of the entire search engine market says enough. It can be also used as a booster to bring even more targeted audiences.

Okay, you may say now that it's obvious how Google ads win here. But, Bing has some other advantages that can help you spread your business online. It is capable to cover an amazing number of 53 million desktop searches. And no, you cannot do that with Google.

Of course, we cannot say that something is better for you and your business because the choice of the advertising method will be based on your goals, and budget, but also the company's vision.

Is Google more expensive than Bing?

People often ask if Bing is cheaper, but the right question would be if it is cost-effective. We can conclude that Google definitely has a higher CPC, which you can realize just by taking a look at some keywords and comparing the results with Google ads. For example, let's say that our keyword will be - car accident lawyers. For Bing, the keyword brings $8.23, while for Google ads it is up to $27.65. Yet, businesses who use Bing claim that they'll have less competition, which can ,later on, bring the same results as if you've used Google ads.


Google ads are still leading in the online business, due to a far better search engine. Yet, as we have mentioned a few times in this blog post already - if your business can use the advantages of Bing in a better way, it should be your choice. Our advice would actually be to stack your content on both mentioned search engines. 

With the privacy concerns that are constantly raising, it's always good to have another option, even if you're a true fan of Google ads and believe that Microsoft's AI will beat all the competitors.