This is why you must try Bing ads in 2023

Bing advertising is becoming more and more popular. We'll share some of the most common reasons why businesses are switching from Google ads to Bing, or at least trying their chance with Bing this year.

This is why you must try Bing ads in 2023

In one of the previous articles we made a comparison between Google ads and Bing ads, and this one, we're bringing you the best reasons to at least try Bing this year. Check out some of the most amazing benefits you can enjoy from Bing ads.

Bing ads are growing quickly and rapidly 

You've probably heard that Google's market share is going lower than usual. This was a great chance for Bing to make their big come around. Finally, Bing realizes that it's their time due to the fact that there is definitely way less competition when Google is in such a state.

Okay, now that we have realized that there is less competition when you decide to work on Bing while advertising your website, blog, or services, or just running various sorts of ads on Bing, it's also great to know that this represents a cheaper option. It is definitely way easier to get into some of the highest or top positions now, so don't miss your chance if you have already been thinking about using Bing ads.

Gain more control with Bing ads 

The second great reason why you should use Bing for advertising is that it offers you more control. You'll finally have more control over ad scheduling because you can do everything much faster. Things are a lot simpler, but you're capable to use different customizations as well. 

All this brings you to a position that provides more control over your online advertising. If you've ever worked with ads online, you know how challenging it may be to schedule everything perfectly, especially when you're focused on different time zones and various languages. Not to mention different group levels and targeted audiences. 

Discover your search traffic partners

Here is another amazing option you'll get from Bing ads - it allows you to see and discover partners who are sending traffic to your site. This is very important for businesses that are doing everything in their power to make the right moves with a purpose to make their online business and services grow in many wanted directions. 

And not only that but with close monitoring, you'll finally find out what takes your time for no reason and what is unproductive and inappropriate for your online business. 

*There are 7 types of Bing ads, including expanded text ads, dynamic search ads, product ads, audience ads, smart search ads, app install ads, and responsive search ads. 

Exclusive keyword matches

Google ads have forgotten about those good old times when you were capable to find exact keyword matches while including variations and even misspellings. And while that is not possible with Google ads anymore, Bing still allows exclusive exact keyword matching options. 

Besides kwds variations, you can use the option to filter specific demographics as well. Gender, location, or age - here is a chance to target who you really want and to do it precisely. 


We can easily conclude that now is definitely the best time to take all the benefits and use the advantages Bing ads can bring to you, your company, and your business. With a few smart moves, you're capable to make your brand and online business grow in the needed and wanted directions.