What is email marketing?

Do you want to promote your products and services through a specific channel? Or do you strive to improve your relationships with clients but also find new, potential customers? Did you know that these two questions actually represent the definition of email marketing? So, email marketing is made to help you promote products and services, but also to find customers who should and want to use those same products and services. Of course, the same goes for your company.

What is email marketing?

Now that the definition of email marketing is completely clear, let’s see what other information we need to know about it with the purpose to use it in the best possible manner.

Most importantly - you need to know that this is only one of the segments of Internet marketing. So, email marketing generally does not work alone, but as another, irreplaceable addition to your promotion, along with social networks, marketing sites, and blogs of various types.

We don't like to start our articles by pointing out flaws, but for email marketing, many people are familiar with the category of spam, which definitely doesn't benefit the online business. Unfortunately, due to spam, email marketing is often notorious. But let's see why we have a spam section at all.

There are certain companies that collect various information and email addresses from their target groups. These companies collect all that because they can sell it to other companies that need it. Therefore, such information is used as a database, which is later useful in the promotion of various materials.

But let us reassure you that this item is so bad that it can greatly affect your online presence. Spam may sound like unnecessary harassment, but email marketing alone is not that.

Is there a single solution that would make the use of email marketing productive and purposeful? Of course - personalize email marketing according to your needs and desires! This way, you will be sure to really inform your target groups in the right way and know that the messages are reaching the desired addresses.

What do we need to get started with email marketing? It's mostly an email campaign. Who are you targeting? Individuals, or certain groups of people? This will depend on the nature of your job as well as the needs and goals of the company.

Let's see what email marketing personalization looks like in just one example. Do you offer a discount to an individual on a particular day? Let's imagine it's the customer's birthday. You want to offer a certain product or service to one person at a reduced price - this is an ideal example where you can personalize the use of email marketing.

What would be the goal of email marketing? We definitely think that long-term cooperation with clients is the best result. For example, in this way you are able not only to develop relationships with customers and target groups but also to maintain them and gain loyalty and improve the presentation of your own brand and company.

But keep in mind this - If email marketing is not optimized for mobile devices, you probably won't get those wanted results. Why is it so? The reason is simple - more and more users around the world are checking their email over the phone. Did you know that over 50% of all emails sent are actually read via mobile devices? So, great advice is to think about optimization for mobile devices.

Another useful tip - think about the time you send emails. Early in the morning is not a good idea if you want your target audience to read the message on their desktop computers. Also, late at night is not a good option.

When we consider the main advantages that email marketing can provide us, it is easy to come to the conclusion that this type of marketing is ideal because of its low price, but also because of the ease of implementation. You don't need a lot of technical knowledge to successfully run an email campaign. In fact, you need online marketing knowledge, as well as skills and tricks that you could already read about right here.

Many other types of marketing definitely require more resources than email marketing, so don’t hesitate to promote your company, services, or products this way. Explore your target audience and learn more about their habits and needs.

Some interesting facts...

Did you know that 70% of online users around the planet have an email address and actively use email? When we compare that with social networks, we will see that the percentage is much higher because 60% of users have created a profile on at least one social network.

Users older than 20, but younger than 60, claim that email marketing is one of the favorite ways for promotion. They like to get introduced to new products, services, and companies this way, but also to communicate with clients. We are sure that your target group is in these specified age groups - so, take advantage of that.

With email marketing, you can personalize all your ideas, requirements, and goals, such as choosing the right target group by income level, gender, and so on.