Realization of all needed requirements quickly and professionally.


PHP & Symfony.

The definition of development in general says that it's a process related to growth, progress, and positive changes of all sorts - that's exactly how our developers want to understand this a process in the tech world as well.

With decades of experience, we have learned that every developing process is different. Therefore, we always create a unique approach that brings the best out from applications.


Realization of all needed requirements quickly and professionally - set up consultations now. 

*The Bilfas agency team uses PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) for the development of dynamic and interactive web pages and sites of all kinds. PHP is known as a general purpose scripting language.

What makes PHP different from other programming languages ​​is that which was among the first server-side languages ​​to be able to are embedded in HTML. Therefore, adding different functions to the web
is enabled without the need to call external files for data.

We also like to use PHP because it is versatile. This programmatic The platform-independent language can be used on:
-Windows, Mac OS and Linux. 

PHP supports all major web servers. Therefore we can rely on it  and use different platforms and systems.

All of the above comes with low costs.

PHP - Fast and secure. As an online business owner, you probably are very concerned about the security of their website, site, or applications. With PHP, there is no need to worry about that because uses its own memory. Community support is also worth mentioning.

PHP is equipped with many different tools, frameworks and the best practices, which can help us to fix malfunctions if occurrences, mostly in the case of viruses. This is also useful in in case of all other cyber attacks.

*Symfony is a well-known framework used for the purpose reduction of product development time. It is also capable of improving the quality of web applications, sites, and pages.

With Symfony, we at Bilfas change and optimize everything needed - anytime. In addition, it is known that this is one of the the fastest PHP frameworks out there.

You can expect full customization from Symfony. Around that, this framework is also known for its professional and secure support (provided by SensioLabs). We use Symfony for different things, such as full-stack (when we develop a very complex application), for the "brick by brick" method (using only functions that are we really need) and Microframework (while developing some special functions in your project).

This framework is also easy to extend in ways that we often need them. We often use different plugins for projects.

Compatibility - All individual and even minor versions of Symfony are always fully compatible.

Symfony's highly functional environment allows us to we raise the comfort of programming to the maximum level.